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Gluten Free New York City

Happy May day! May is National Celiac Disease Awareness month.

I started working with the Celiac Disease Foundation this year, and I am truly honoured to be able to work with such a fantastic organization. My first race this season is the etape du tour in France and I am racing on their behalf. My goal is to get as much knowledge about celiac disease out there! I was diagnosed just over a year ago and I have lived the healthiest year of my life since going off gluten. I cannot wait to race now that I am gluten free.

In New York City it took some time to figure out where I could eat. Now that I have tried so many different places, I have some favourites to share for anyone that is gluten free and visiting New York City.

Pala 198 Allen St: Amazing organic Italian restaurant in the lower eastside that is perfect for celiacs as well as vegans! Every salad is gluten free; they have multiple types of gluten free pasta, a dedicated gluten free fryer and most importantly, make the very best gluten free pizza I have ever had. Try the zucchina pizza. Highly recommended!

ABC Kitchen 35 East 18th St: The new Jean-Georges restaurant that is inside ABC Carpet & Home. It is absolutely beautiful and very healthy, organic, local… a farm-to-table feel. The staff is well educated on gluten and have always made perfect arrangements. One of my personal favourite restaurants- try the spinach and quinoa salad or roasted carrot and avocado salad, and the sundae is also gluten free!

Friedmans Lunch 75 Ninth Ave: The restaurant is located inside the historic Chelsea Market in the Meatpacking District. Chelsea market is very cool so I would recommend a trip there anyway, and this restaurant is definitely something to check out if you are gluten free! Organic, healthy, delicious comfort food; the entire menu is practically gluten free. I had a Rueben sandwich on gluten free bread last time I was there and it was so good. This place deserves recognition for excellence in catering to gluten free crowd, seriously.

Tulu’s Gluten Free Bakery 338 East 11th St: The only completely gluten free bakery in the city. It is fantastic. If you are celiac, gluten intolerant or just not eating gluten, I highly recommend paying a visit to this bakery while in New York. They do make vegan desserts as well, but it is not their specialty, which I like. It is gluten free and delicious… it doesn’t even seem like it is gluten free to me. Everything is baked fresh; cookies, cupcakes, brownies, bread, granola.

Babycakes 248 Broome St: Highly acclaimed vegan, gluten free, and sugar free bakery in the lower eastside…. There is a reason why people love it so much! It is worth the walk over… lots of amazing treats.

Barrio Chino 253 Broome St: Right across the street from Babycakes. A small, but fantastic Mexican restaurant that has gluten free options… enchiladas verdes are great!

Blue Ribbon Sushi 119 Sullivan St: One of my favourite restaurants in the city. They have amazing sushi although it can be pricey. So fresh, so delicious and they offer many gluten free options and have tamari! – they also have a location uptown by Columbus Circle.

Hampton Chutney Company 68 Prince St: Incredible dosas- made of rice and lentil so they’re gluten free. It is good for a casual and quick lunch or dinner in soho.

Risoterria 270 Bleecker St:  Probably the most well-known gluten free establishment in NYC serving Italian dishes… Even Breadsticks!

S’mac 345 East 12th St: Macaroni and cheese! They have every type of mac and cheese you can think of… and if they don’t you can create your own.  And they have gluten free noodles. It’s delicious, but pretty heavy… I love how they have lactase pills available at the counter.

Liquiteria 170 Second Ave: The best juice bar in the city. They offer freshly pressed juices, smoothies, and soups with many gluten free and vegan options.

Friend of a Farmer 77 Irving Place: Great brunch spot! Always a line… but it is quick moving, so it shouldn’t deter. Such a quaint, cozy restaurant that has great egg dishes and more.

Pastis 9 9th Avenue: A famous new york brunch place with great French dishes. They have always made arrangements for gluten free dishes and take it very seriously!

Cafe Habana 17 Prince St: I love this place! Latin food and most of the menu is naturally gluten free. They are famous for their ‘grilled corn Mexican style.”

Angelika Kitchen 300 East 12th St: Delicious healthy vegan and vegetarian food- they use alternatives like tamari so there are many gluten free dishes.

Westville 173 Avenue A: Farm- to- table dining and their market sides are great. Its very simple, but good food.

Rosa Mexicana: A large and well-known Mexican restaurant with a gluten free menu. There are a couple locations in Manhattan and they make great guacamole right at your table.

Josies Restaurant 300 Amsterdam Ave: Very health conscious restaurant uptown. They are very good about gluten free!

Thanks to these restaurants that make celiac disease and eating gluten free enjoyable!

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Ironman Hawaii with Oakley

I didn’t think that I was going to make it to Kona for Ironman Hawaii this year… I have been living in New York City since September working with Wilhelmina Models, going to castings, meetings and a few photoshoots. It has been extremely busy and I love it! After burning my neck (with a curling iron… which looked like an awful hickey, yes super talented I know) I had to take a small break from work and booked a last minute ticket to Hawaii.  I owe it all to wonderful family friend and Ironman legend Greg Welch. I’m very lucky that he let me stay at the Oakley safe house with the entire crew for the week.

I arrived in Kona just in time for the “Underpants Run” so I could run down Ali’I drive with hundreds of people in their finest undergarments. It is really nice being in Kona and not having the daunting race ahead of you.. Just relaxing in Hawaii. Oakley had a gorgeous property right on the water, fully equipped with Surftech standup paddle boards.. pretty much a dream of mine! Paddled everyday!

On the night before the race, Oakley hosted a luau for the release of their new sport performance sunglasses “Fast Jacket.” The demonstration of their new HDO technology was extremely impressive. I never realized how advanced Oakley is in comparison with their eyewear competitors… After seeing the demo I don’t think that I will ever consider wearing another brand!! The luau was very cool and I felt very fortunate to be at the world release! As the sun was setting they uncovered the new glasses, pulling a black cover off the display. People were crowding around taking pictures and admiring the new design. The night continued in true luau style with hula dancers, fire dancers, good food and good people. I was lucky enough to sport Oakley’s new 2011 active wear at the luau with model Lokelani McMichael. I love their new clothing designs because they’re beautiful and functional… they nailed a very flattering, comfortable fit. I’m already obsessed!

HDO demonstration… see it and you will never want any other sunnies but Oakley.

Fast Jacket

“Display only” but if anyone is going to wear them, its her.. Paula Newby Fraser

There were many times throughout the race that I was happy not to be racing and a few that I wanted to… Kona is such a hard Ironman!! I was definitely happy that I was not in the madness of the swim and safely watching on the pier. There was a lot of anticipation and excitement this year! I had friends racing, a few who were top contenders to win. I spent most of the day out cheering. It was great! The marathon was so exciting! Mirinda Carfrae is unreal… she makes the marathon look easy! I’m stoked she won, a very gracious champion. The aussies dominated this year!!

I was out until midnight with some friends from TYR. I love watching the final finishers coming in at 17 hours, but this time it also brought back a few painful memories of last year. Ironman is a very emotional race, all across the board. It’s something very distinct to the sport.

I remember this mess all too well… eeek


One of my favourite Kiwis Janette at the swimstart

Showdown on the Queen K

Homie Dirk Bockel running into 8th. Great race! :)

Mirinda running down Ali’i

The morning after the race, Oakley hosted all the athletes for their “Rehab Party.”  Everyone was totally normal and fine.. after such a tough race. And they were the ones RACING it!  I probably need to man up because I hope to be racing next year and enjoy the parties too!

This was the private dock at the property.awesome.. went stand up paddling from here everyday!

So happy I went to kona this year! It was very fun and it was especially great with Oakley. Thank you guys!!!

Swimming with dolphins one morning

With Katya and Loke at the Kswiss Party on Sunday night. Very fun! Dancing on the beach is always a good way to wrap up a week in kona!

Photo credit goes to Matthew Murray- thanks!

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Tour de France 2010!

I realized how much I liked biking when I went to the Tour de France last year. Cycling was always my least favourite part of triathlons until I went to France… actually seeing the tour changed my entire perspective and I got really into cycling.  It is one of my favourite sport events! For the month of July, I’m pretty much waking up at 6 every morning to watch it. I couldn’t miss the tour this year, so I left for France on July 19th with my mom to watch the final stages. It was very exciting from the beginning even though it started out with absolute carnage. An amazing tour makes for an amazing trip!

We started in the Pyrenees, in the town of Luz St Saveur. The first day was sunny and beautiful so we got to see what the area looked like before the fog and rain. It had a very different feel from the Alps but I just love being in France! It’s so nice to ride my bike around and drink café au lait in quaint little town squares…little things that make me happy! On the tour rest day my mom and I went biking to Gavarnie to check out some nice waterfalls. The weather held up for the most part, and it was so beautiful!! Later in the afternoon we biked over to the thermal springs and went swimming with a bunch a dudes in speedos and serious, serious bike tans!

I was ready and excited to bike up Tourmalet on Thursday. I had gone over my plan with Dr.Paul, who did my knee surgery back in may. He didn’t want me to ride tourmalet but there wasn’t much stopping me, until I woke up that morning and saw the weather. It was pouring rain and 50 degrees. Just awful!! We had to leave at 7 am before they closed the roads and I decided against it at the last minute. My mom and I met up with Wendle, Liz and Britney and we all dressed up and went into town as the riders came by. There was a massive screen in the town square where we watched and drank cappuccinos. A lot of Spanish people were there and obnoxiously cheering for Contador, but it was an AMAZING stage. It is crazy how those guys can just race up there like that and make it look so easy when it’s a 10 % grade.

Wendle, Liz and brit as US and A

Almost to Tourmalet…

We went to a local bowling alley that night. I haven’t been bowling in years but it was so much fun! The next morning we left for Bordeaux to watch the end of the stage. Wendle had passes from Phil Ligget and I was lucky enough to get one! We watched the race in the Versus trucks that were live on the air. Then went into the finish chute and I tried to blend in with doping control at the end of the chute. Success! It was ridiculous as soon at peloton arrived! Liz and I were just watching the chaos.. and somewhat participating.

At the Versus Tower

Watching “Live” at Versus

Stopped by to see Phil during a commercial break


“Oh hey Jens!”

Throughout the tour, I loved seeing the Canadian flag up on the leader board. Ryder Hesjedal did extremely well in the tour and I’m a big fan. He makes Canada proud not only because is he a top cyclist, he was also one of the nicest that I met.

you can tell I’m stoked because my bottom teeth are showing.. pure cheese!!

The next day was the time trial and we had passes for the finish. Unfortunately the roads were closed all day, we couldn’t even bike there! We went to a chateau along the course with the Oakley crew and drank wine while watching. Love France!

After the time trial we rushed off to the train station and hopped on a TGV up to Paris. I have to admit that I have very mixed emotions about the last day in Paris. Its always fun and such an incredibly exciting atmosphere, but also the last day of the tour.

In Paris we went into the media area on the Champs Élysées. We scored a spot right at the finish line where all the TV cameras were. When the riders go by it feels like a massive gust of wind. We were so close that I couldn’t even lean out over the barricade because I would have been hit !

At the finish in Paris

Cervelo up front!

All the jerseys on the Champs

I went down to the Columbia bus and drank champagne… and got soaked in champagne there thanks to Mick Rogers! We stopped by the Cervélo bus for more champagne.. and more champagne. I rarely ever drink, but the Tour de France is an exception. An empty stomach and a few glasses of champagne meant that I was feeling pretty good at that point.

I just had to… prince harry! ha

We went into the street to watch victory laps and met up with the barricade renegades. Liz was drinking champagne with George Hincapie and Wendle passed the flag to Lance! Within hours, the news had broke and she was on all the news sites… We had a ridiculous celebratory dinner at a Brasserie in Paris. It was such a great day!!

Paris is my favourite city in the world. I have spent a lot of time there since I was young and know my way around really well. Better than most cities in North America even. I stopped by a YSL exhibit at the Petite Palais and also discovered the most delicious macaroons EVER at LaDuree.

I had a blast at the tour this year and it was better than I could have ever expected!   I hope that my knee is fully healed so I can do the Etape again and stay longer than a few days. I’m always sad to leave Europe, especially after the tour! It makes it a little easier when you have things to look forward to though… I am shooting a new campaign with Under Armour on the 4th and I am so excited. This fall I will be moving to New York City and taking time off school to pursue my newly discovered passion. I can barely wait!

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Knee Surgery!

It has been a whirlwind of a semester since I did my last blog from Jamaica. I’m done with my crazy 7-class schedule and ready for summer! I just got knee surgery two days ago, so I have some time on my hands! I just had a “plica band” removed and some cartilage/ fat pad trimmed in my right knee. To be honest, it’s hurting pretty bad right now but it’s supposed to be getting better each day! I finally got to shower today… so progress in personal hygiene is always good!  It is weird to think that this injury started last fall and then I did an Ironman with the injury, only to amplify everything. And now, here I am. I woke up from surgery to tell the nurses “fun facts” such as “Queen Victoria was the one who had hemophilia”… Totally delirious, but I learned that from a cereal box when I was little! Oh Canada! She thought I was crazy… But anyway, everyone has a good story from when they wake up from anesthesia. Now I’m laying low, watching tons of movies and crutching around. I’m on the road to recovery and cannot wait for the day when I can run again! If anything, this injury has taught me to never take any kind of exercise for granted!!

Day after surgery.. crutches.

The goal! Running again…!

I couldn’t be happier for this semester to be over! I was pretty stressed at times academically, but I got to do some really cool things! In February I went to Vancouver to watch the last week of the Olympics. I went with my family, and being total hockey fanatics, we went to just about every hockey game! The Canada-Russia men’s game was hands-down the best sporting event I have ever been to in my life! It has almost been hard to go to any other events now because that was such an intense game! And the crowd was like nothing I have ever seen- so loud, spirited and it literally makes me smile thinking about it ever time. My brothers and I were hugging every stranger, singing the anthem all day, it was ridiculous and too hard to describe!! I left the morning of the gold medal game to come back to Boulder to watch on TV. I wore my Canada (Crosby, nonetheless!) jersey to school the next day and was practically getting death threats! So the Olympics were cool, very cool, and an unforgettable experience!

With my little brother Luke at the flame

Family at the Canada-Russia Game!

Celebrating Canada’s Victory! A little too much Canadian Pride at this moment..

With my mom and two painted homies at the molson hockey house!

I also went to New York in March to do a photo shoot for Women’s Health Magazine. It was a fitness shoot that will be in the June issue, and another in the July issue (my birth month) so I’m very excited! It was very fun and I’m so happy Wilhelmina hooked that up for me. As soon as I finished shooting I went to visit “Babycakes” a vegan, gluten-free bakery in the city! I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease, so I can’t have gluten anymore! It isn’t too difficult in Boulder, but GF baking has become a new hobby and I am a huge fan of babycakes!

Babycakes is a gluten-free, sweet-tooth’s heaven!

In March, I went to LA for springbreak to visit my delightful roommate Chloe. We had a great time at the beach, shopping and exploring the city! I love California so much! Luckily, I will be going there next Thursday to watch the last 3 stages of the tour de California! Well… if guess it depends on if I can walk by then!

Chloe and I cruising to Malibu!


Just last week the Triathlete Swimsuit Issue came out and by some miracle I saw myself on the cover! I still cannot even believe it and it was a huge honour ! I think the issue came out very well because it was such a fun shoot and that really shows in the pictures! All of the girls are athletes, incredibly friendly, wonderful people and it was a great experience to work with them! Linda Baltes and Kristina Baskett looked amazing and I know they both have so much potential in the sport and in modeling! I hope there are not too many harsh “letters to the editor” about the issue, even though I have already seen some of the comments. I don’t think anyone can say that our bodies aren’t “real” because I might have set a world record in April by suffering from an intense peanut butter addiction. Not kidding, 9 jars of peanut butter in 12 days. Yes, I’m disgusting… I have gone cold turkey now for the record! So take a look at Triathlete magazine if you come across it!

For now, taking care of my knee and watching the hockey playoffs! Unfortunately, my team the Pittsburgh Penguins are out! I will now be cheering for the only Canadian team left, the Montreal Canadiens… although it won’t be the same! I will be at the tour de California next week and the Tour de France in July! Lots of cycling to get me motivated to get back on my bike… not that I need any motivation really. I’m ready to be back!!

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End of the semester in Jamaica!

I was just in Jamaica last week shooting the Triathlete Magazine swimsuit edition (which comes out in june 2010!) This year we had such an amazing time! It took an intense travel day to get there.. just picture the crew sleeping and sprawled across JFK at 4 am. When we got there it was worth it! As soon as we got off the plane it was WARM…what a wonderful feeling after leaving Boulder at 5 deg F the day before. We got to our hotel, checked in and met up for our fitting. The fitting went well.. there were many great things to choose from although we don’t necessarily get to choose ourselves. We pretty much just try everything on and whatever looks best on you, you wear! I was the only blonde so that was exciting… I usually get to wear a lot of blues and greens. For once I got to wear black… plus, it was for back shot which was really fun!

I volunteered to shoot first and had to be up at 4 30 for hair and makeup that next morning! Natalie (the makeup artist) is so wonderful and I love working with her! I can barely do my own makeup, so its fun to have it done. And I definitely cannot curl my own hair so that was pretty great… it looked like mermaid hair! Plus, it is so important to feel confident if you’re about to model swimsuits and Natalie helps with that!

First shot of the week!

The first shot was on the resort beach and I had so much fun doing it! I was in a sweet Oakley bikini and lying on the beach as the sun came up…! Although it was early and I had a solid crowd of hotel workers watching, I was so happy to be there and it a very pretty shot. After that, we got 5 more shots that morning. I did a few with Arlynd, a fellow Canadian and male model. One was difficult because it was SO windy and blowing sand in our eyes! But oh well… I’m sure it turned out because Tim ( the photographer) is amazing and always makes everything look great!

Checking it on the camera

Later in the afternoon I got to finish up shooting at sunset. We went up to the ruins and I got to shoot with Linda!! I was so excited to shoot with her because over the course of the few hours we spent together, we became great friends. She is very cool and smokin’ hot at 32!!! I kept telling her that if I look anything like her when I’m her age, I’ll be stoked! Anyway… its usually hard to get a “worthy” shot with both of us looking good, but hopefully we did! It was an exhausting day, but so much fun! I love shooting… and especially with the crew we had in Jamaica!

Linda and I in the ruins…

The next day Linda was shooting and I went to watch. While I was hanging in the bushes for one of her shots I was completely attacked by bugs! I puffed up and had at least 15 red little bites all over my body so I ended up taking benedryl for the first time in my life. The benedryl made me pass out for the rest of the afternoon… The next day we went on location starting at 5 am in a Jamaican fishing village. The village was very small with little colourful shacks and of course many boats. It was pretty cool and we took over the place for a few hours! After we went around the island to various locations including a bar, a river and then to the great house. It was a really busy day to say the least. We even ate at a Jamaican fast food restaurant and I had a fries for lunch before shooting… passed on the fried chicken legs. Another one of my favourite shots was at the great house on the balcony. I wore a rad peacock bikini that Kristin Mayer designed. The sun was setting, I was standing on the balcony over-looking the ocean and just felt powerful! We also shot one with all 3 of us
(Kristina, Linda and I) up there and I think it went really well… Natalie was standing beside the camera slapping her ass to get us all in sync with laughing. It was a great way to end the day and the entire shoot!

5 am. curlers and bananas

Kristina’s first shot! Killing it


Kristina, John and I

Jamaican Homie

Kristina is awesome..

Touch ups at the Great House

All 3 of us! ( photo creds mainly go out to Sammy Tillery)

with our rasta homie

We did so much work in such a short amount of time. On Thursday night the resort threw a dinner for us and I went up for thirds at the dessert table! It was glorious! People ask me what I eat during shooting… and this time I ate. We all ate… and a lot. I was into ice cream every night and really sugary Nescafe coffee. I ate a snickers one day and then went to shoot! Everyone was so relaxed about eating unlike other times in the past when they eat a bite of lettuce and call it a night. On Friday we hit up a really authentic Jamaican restaurant and then went to a local beach with our Jamaican model Rayne. It was relaxing although I did have to study for finals at the beach…

With Linda and Kristina at dinner

Eating! Delicious Jamaican food

Going out for a little swim.. scuba steve!

Studying for my Vikings final

That night we all went out to a reggae bar on the beach. Rayne took us out again and the place was very cool. I was definitely the only blonde person at the bar… Linda and Kristina are both “darker” and fit in, but I totally stuck OUT! A girl actually tried to pull my shirt off at the bar, which was really strange. It didn’t come off (thankfully!!) but apparently she was a white local girl who didn’t like other white girls… that didn’t bring my night down at all though! We had so much fun and partied until late into the night. The next day it was hard to get on a plane and go back to the cold! We spent the night in New York and a few of us went to a pizza place called Otto, which was incredible. Delicious proscuitto and arugula pizza, good wine..enough said.

Steve made an awesome video of the week so here’s a link to the Tricenter Video to see more of Jamaica with everyone! Huge thanks to everyone at Triathlete Magazine, especially John Duke and Erica Krystek… you guys are awesome!

I returned to Colorado that morning and immediately went to film a commercial for Centurion Cycling. I was pretty tired but we got it done quickly… and it was the first time I’d been on a bike in a while! I had to go study for finals and had a very intense Monday/ Tuesday with about 3 hours of sleep total. My exams actually went pretty well and I am so happy about my grades considering I was barely there between Ironman, knee rehab, traveling, etc.

The commerical is up on Centurion Cycling link so check it out!

Now, after my crazy November/December, I’m spending the Holidays relaxing with my family in the Northeast, between Canada and Lake Placid, NY. I unfortunately am still suffering from some gnarly tendonitis/meniscus problems and it has been weeks since I’ve been able to do ANY physical activity. I really just want ski at least! Its driving me a little crazy… I’m over injuries! Hopefully it will clear up soon and I’ll be back on my bike in the New Year! At least I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much time to dwell on my knee. Jamaica was such a great time, and so was London with my best friend Annie! And now Christmas with my family tomorrow… I have been listening to Christmas music nonstop and getting into the Holiday Spirit. It is my favourite holiday by far, although I will be baking for the first time instead of participating in pond hockey… Should be interesting!

At dinner in London with Annie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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My Ironman Recovery

Its been about a month since Ironman Hawaii and I’m still feeling it… in my knee that is. Everything else has been going pretty well, and I’m so happy that I didn’t need surgery on my knee! The day after Ironman I was hobbling around and feeling pretty dead, but after I had some breakfast and an leg icing session at the oakley house I was feeling better. Then, one of the Cinnamon rolls from Lava Java really helped! I made it out for the Kswiss party at Huggos and ending up hitting the “Flambongo”- a lawn flamingo turned beer bong. Probably a bad idea the night after an Ironman, but my dad (shocking!!!) was encouraging the competitive side of me, so I was in! Spent most of the night dancing in the rain on the beach.. very fun night… For some reason it hurt my legs less to dance so I just went for it!!


At the awards banquet… feeling alright…

7629_297368155286_774285286_9326295_2105918_nAt the Kswiss Party… Feeling better!

PA110236Apparently my dad likes to party…

The next morning I have NEVER felt so awful. An Ironman hangover and a real hangover! UGHHH. Some real recovery was much needed, and we went to Hualalai Four Seasons (the best place on earth!) on Tuesday and I just spent the entire day relaxing in a cabana by the pool. It was awesome… plus they brought me homemade ice cream sandwiches to the cabana which made the place a dream come true. It was so nice to just hang and relax… and eat!


Pretty nice sunburn ehh??? 3rd degree burns.. awesome!


Cold Plunge at the spa! Colder than the lakes in Canada in March! Seriously!!!


A private breakfast on the beach at Hualalai.. so good!  All i do is eat??

I was so sad to leave Hawaii! It all went by too fast! But it was such a fun time.. despite walking an entire marathon. I just keep reminding myself, next year, next year! Coming back to Boulder meant getting caught up on school! My grades are suffering but oh well!

THE INJURY:  I’ve been spending my afternoons at Boulder Sports Med working on my knee. I have tendonitis in 3 places in my right knee.. the worst being patellar. Also some tendonitis in my left knee from walking the marathon. I’m doing a lot of core strengthening exercises, mainly for my surprisingly weak hips. Its been getting better though! I could barely walk the entire week after Kona and walking to class was a huge challenge. I’m stoked that its getting better and I can make it to class without pain! I can’t wait to start running again, although I’m still riding a little bit and I also tried yoga- my new obsession! I have to stay in shape for Triathlete Magazine Swimsuit shoot in Jamaica in a few weeks!

Last week we had a huge snow storm in Boulder right before Halloween. I was Mary from “There’s something about Mary”… Yes, I did spike my hair! It was an epic weekend! And now… just focusing on school and preparing to go to visit my best friend Annie in London  for US Thanksgiving. Cannot Wait!

12953_780997108473_10235172_45501181_854589_nSNOW DAY!!!

something_maryThe inspiration..


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