Kona & Ironman!

October 12, 2009 at 1:58 am 3 comments

I got into Kona last Friday night after quite a long journey due to airplane problems, etc… love travel sometimes! I’ve been a little too distracted to blog since I got in, but now I have some time considering I can barely move! Anyway, when I got in, I stayed at the pimp Oakley house on Ali’i with Greg Welch and crew for the first few days and got some solid training in with Amanda Lovato on the Queen K and up in Hawi. She is an awesome girl and I was so happy to swim and ride with her! It was sweet to be away from school and in Hawaii just training and relaxing.. getting ready for the race! The heat was definitely getting to me… I swear that I have been sweating ever since I got here! Sweat dripping down my forehead when I’m trying to keep composure, especially while ordering at Lava Java (they must think that I have sweating issues!). The best thing about coming in early- taking naps by the pool or beach every afternoon when I was done training.  Can’t complain…


Breakfast at Lava Java.. The best!

PA060107With the TYR guys down at the pier before swimming. They rule.. Ryan from Tyr has seriously hooked me up with lots of gear! Love it!

PA060113My dad and I going for a swim one morning and we saw a pack of dolphins while swimming! very cool!

PA090160Tom and Amy from Gatorade down at the swim

PA090173Going out for a ride after swimming!

Before the race I was just chilling really. Trying to keep the nerves down as much as possible. Since I was the youngest person in the race, Mike Reilly called me up on the stage at the Carbo dinner Thursday night and I think I was more nervous for that than the race itself! But it was all good. Plus, I was feeling better because on Tuesday I had my knee worked on and I thought it was actually better! I was so stoked because I ran for the first time in 3 months and thought it would hold up for Saturday… at least it held up for the underpants run on Thursday morning. What an epic event that was! Pictures can only show.. it was ridiculous. And a huge turnout! A few too many people in thongs though, seriously!! But running in my bikini top was a bad choice! My favourite was when we stopped halfway to stretch at the pier all in underwear or less. Roch and Huddle are quite possibly the most hilarious human beings that I have ever encountered. Those guys are awesome!


The masses running down ali’i with no clothes on. You don’t see this everyday…awesome.

PA070132Sara and I.. she straight up wore a bra. I like her style.

PA080144Chicks and Borat. You should have seen the back of his getup. it was shocking. how did he run in it?

6920_149776638201_628368201_2850059_822157_nKristin, Amanda and I

PA070130Coach Paula, Heather and I at the Palace Party

PA080155On stage at the Carbo (the oldest and the youngest!)

PA080149Hawaiian Dancers on stage with flames to their feet!?!

PA080157Training partners- my dad and Len

Ok- so the whole reason I came to Kona.. Ironman. The race was yesterday! I woke up at 4:30 am and headed down to the swim. My nerves were off the charts! I had been so spacey just because I was nervous… On Friday morning I left my swimskin at the beach and had a minor meltdown trying to find another one, and then saturday morning I accidentally checked my cell phone in with special needs. Pretty good! But it happens, and I was freaking nervous! Got everything ready, and went in at dig me beach with everyone else. I started in the middle-front because I had been swim training and felt strong, I thought that I would swim about a 1:00- 1:05. When the canon went off it was a complete shit show!! Two people swam on top on me, knocked my googles off and I couldn’t breathe so I found a paddle-board and held on for a few minutes to let the madness pass. It was pretty scary and I haven’t experienced such an aggressive swim before. Then I just stayed on the inside and tried to swim by myself.. ended up doing 1:13 which I was pretty bummed about. Oh well! My transition was fast (for me!) and got on the bike feeling good! I loved riding out there and just cruised along. Going up the Hawi the wind picked up, but the way back was much worse! And it was HOT out there! I saw Rudy Garcia-Tolson riding up when I was coming back and I am so impressed by him! Double above-knee amputee, so he only has his glute muscles pushing him through. So incredible! I was in my aeros nearly the whole bike because of the wind, especially when I got back on the Queen K into Kona. Slowest 40 miles ever! Seriously demoralizing fighting the wind back through heat, but I made it, and not too far off my time goal considering the wind!

I felt good after the bike, just tired, but very happy to be off the damn thing!  I planned on doing a walk/run just so that I could preserve my knee and run as long as possible. I felt good! It had clouded over and was not that hot out anymore; perfect running temperature actually! I ran and walked all down Ali’i. On mile 7 or 8 though, my knee was shot. I was pretty upset… A few tears because I knew that I either had to walk the rest or drop out. It was pretty miserable and also frustrating because my body was feeling so good; I wasn’t sick or cramping. It was just my knee problems! And I didn’t want to tear the meniscus and end up getting surgery, so I walked. And I ended up walking the entire marathon. It was a struggle, but I just cheered for other people around and set my sights on finishing because there was nothing I could do for my knee. I had a feeling that it was going to be a problem, but didn’t expect it so soon! Oh well, it happens! Demain est un autre jour… at least I still finished! It may have been 3 hours slower than what I wanted, but thats okay. It was still pretty exciting to finish even if it wasn’t the race I wanted; it was NOT easy walking the marathon. My legs were really hurting by the turn at the energy lab, but I still felt okay. I’m happy that my parents came out to find me and rode beside me for a while because truthfully, it was rather daunting to have to walk another 9 miles in the dark when you feel bad. I’m happy that I was able to finish and that I didn’t drop out. I have dedicated so much of my life in the last few months to training for this thing, that I would have been very upset to drop. Although my bike and run splits are pretty close… its embarrassing!  But I will be sure to get an MRI when I get back to Boulder and get my knee healthy so I can come back next year and race injury-free! I have unfinished business here in Kona…

GetAttachment.aspxChecking in my bike and gear the day before!

PA090190Meghan and I before the swim

PA090211The start… yikes!

ryann bike hw

PA100226Almost back!

6920_151702573201_628368201_2866056_1658986_nThis is when I was still running.. :)

GetAttachment.aspxFinally finishing! LONG day!

GetAttachment.aspxAfter finishing I stayed til Midnight to watch the rest finish!

Today I don’t feel too bad. My knees, both now are very sore. I am hobbling around looking like a cripple but feeling pretty decent considering I just did an Ironman.. Sunburns, knees and stomach though. I felt way worse when I did Canada but then again, I ran the marathon with a negative split… so thats one way to look at it. I can say that Mont Ventoux was harder!  And I already want to do this again?! YES!

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Trading in the Madone for the P3… Ironman Hawaii! My Ironman Recovery

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  • 1. Shaywill  |  October 12, 2009 at 3:00 am

    I can’t believe you did it!

  • 2. Colin Delaney  |  October 12, 2009 at 3:02 am

    Ryann, you rock. End o’ story.

  • 3. Amanda Lovato  |  October 12, 2009 at 3:32 am

    Ryann! Love your blog….and the pics!
    So AWESOME! I am so happy for you!


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