End of the semester in Jamaica!

December 24, 2009 at 5:19 pm 1 comment

I was just in Jamaica last week shooting the Triathlete Magazine swimsuit edition (which comes out in june 2010!) This year we had such an amazing time! It took an intense travel day to get there.. just picture the crew sleeping and sprawled across JFK at 4 am. When we got there it was worth it! As soon as we got off the plane it was WARM…what a wonderful feeling after leaving Boulder at 5 deg F the day before. We got to our hotel, checked in and met up for our fitting. The fitting went well.. there were many great things to choose from although we don’t necessarily get to choose ourselves. We pretty much just try everything on and whatever looks best on you, you wear! I was the only blonde so that was exciting… I usually get to wear a lot of blues and greens. For once I got to wear black… plus, it was for back shot which was really fun!

I volunteered to shoot first and had to be up at 4 30 for hair and makeup that next morning! Natalie (the makeup artist) is so wonderful and I love working with her! I can barely do my own makeup, so its fun to have it done. And I definitely cannot curl my own hair so that was pretty great… it looked like mermaid hair! Plus, it is so important to feel confident if you’re about to model swimsuits and Natalie helps with that!

First shot of the week!

The first shot was on the resort beach and I had so much fun doing it! I was in a sweet Oakley bikini and lying on the beach as the sun came up…! Although it was early and I had a solid crowd of hotel workers watching, I was so happy to be there and it a very pretty shot. After that, we got 5 more shots that morning. I did a few with Arlynd, a fellow Canadian and male model. One was difficult because it was SO windy and blowing sand in our eyes! But oh well… I’m sure it turned out because Tim ( the photographer) is amazing and always makes everything look great!

Checking it on the camera

Later in the afternoon I got to finish up shooting at sunset. We went up to the ruins and I got to shoot with Linda!! I was so excited to shoot with her because over the course of the few hours we spent together, we became great friends. She is very cool and smokin’ hot at 32!!! I kept telling her that if I look anything like her when I’m her age, I’ll be stoked! Anyway… its usually hard to get a “worthy” shot with both of us looking good, but hopefully we did! It was an exhausting day, but so much fun! I love shooting… and especially with the crew we had in Jamaica!

Linda and I in the ruins…

The next day Linda was shooting and I went to watch. While I was hanging in the bushes for one of her shots I was completely attacked by bugs! I puffed up and had at least 15 red little bites all over my body so I ended up taking benedryl for the first time in my life. The benedryl made me pass out for the rest of the afternoon… The next day we went on location starting at 5 am in a Jamaican fishing village. The village was very small with little colourful shacks and of course many boats. It was pretty cool and we took over the place for a few hours! After we went around the island to various locations including a bar, a river and then to the great house. It was a really busy day to say the least. We even ate at a Jamaican fast food restaurant and I had a fries for lunch before shooting… passed on the fried chicken legs. Another one of my favourite shots was at the great house on the balcony. I wore a rad peacock bikini that Kristin Mayer designed. The sun was setting, I was standing on the balcony over-looking the ocean and just felt powerful! We also shot one with all 3 of us
(Kristina, Linda and I) up there and I think it went really well… Natalie was standing beside the camera slapping her ass to get us all in sync with laughing. It was a great way to end the day and the entire shoot!

5 am. curlers and bananas

Kristina’s first shot! Killing it


Kristina, John and I

Jamaican Homie

Kristina is awesome..

Touch ups at the Great House

All 3 of us! ( photo creds mainly go out to Sammy Tillery)

with our rasta homie

We did so much work in such a short amount of time. On Thursday night the resort threw a dinner for us and I went up for thirds at the dessert table! It was glorious! People ask me what I eat during shooting… and this time I ate. We all ate… and a lot. I was into ice cream every night and really sugary Nescafe coffee. I ate a snickers one day and then went to shoot! Everyone was so relaxed about eating unlike other times in the past when they eat a bite of lettuce and call it a night. On Friday we hit up a really authentic Jamaican restaurant and then went to a local beach with our Jamaican model Rayne. It was relaxing although I did have to study for finals at the beach…

With Linda and Kristina at dinner

Eating! Delicious Jamaican food

Going out for a little swim.. scuba steve!

Studying for my Vikings final

That night we all went out to a reggae bar on the beach. Rayne took us out again and the place was very cool. I was definitely the only blonde person at the bar… Linda and Kristina are both “darker” and fit in, but I totally stuck OUT! A girl actually tried to pull my shirt off at the bar, which was really strange. It didn’t come off (thankfully!!) but apparently she was a white local girl who didn’t like other white girls… that didn’t bring my night down at all though! We had so much fun and partied until late into the night. The next day it was hard to get on a plane and go back to the cold! We spent the night in New York and a few of us went to a pizza place called Otto, which was incredible. Delicious proscuitto and arugula pizza, good wine..enough said.

Steve made an awesome video of the week so here’s a link to the Tricenter Video to see more of Jamaica with everyone! Huge thanks to everyone at Triathlete Magazine, especially John Duke and Erica Krystek… you guys are awesome!

I returned to Colorado that morning and immediately went to film a commercial for Centurion Cycling. I was pretty tired but we got it done quickly… and it was the first time I’d been on a bike in a while! I had to go study for finals and had a very intense Monday/ Tuesday with about 3 hours of sleep total. My exams actually went pretty well and I am so happy about my grades considering I was barely there between Ironman, knee rehab, traveling, etc.

The commerical is up on Centurion Cycling link so check it out!

Now, after my crazy November/December, I’m spending the Holidays relaxing with my family in the Northeast, between Canada and Lake Placid, NY. I unfortunately am still suffering from some gnarly tendonitis/meniscus problems and it has been weeks since I’ve been able to do ANY physical activity. I really just want ski at least! Its driving me a little crazy… I’m over injuries! Hopefully it will clear up soon and I’ll be back on my bike in the New Year! At least I’ve been really busy and haven’t had much time to dwell on my knee. Jamaica was such a great time, and so was London with my best friend Annie! And now Christmas with my family tomorrow… I have been listening to Christmas music nonstop and getting into the Holiday Spirit. It is my favourite holiday by far, although I will be baking for the first time instead of participating in pond hockey… Should be interesting!

At dinner in London with Annie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

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My Ironman Recovery Knee Surgery!

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  • 1. Lizz  |  May 28, 2011 at 1:26 am

    This totally helped me on a project that I have to do for Sociology! I love th picture of the Jamaican Guy! (:


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